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This is a fantastic Nassif Family Reserve, and the sale of this bottle benefits a local Michigan non-profit that has helped Kira's Dad, Ron, the most in his fight against cancer.

"Ron Jam II" is a reference to one of Ron's proudest accomplishments. In the late summer of 2019, Ron (a lifelong musician) organized an all day concert at his place in Canton, Michigan. He titled it, Ron Jam. Ron outright glowed when he talked about the concert he was planning; we've never seen him that excited about anything else. All of the local bands he knew showed up that day to play a set, and Ron guest-starred for a song or two in just about every band that played that day. We've never seen him happier.

After the all-day music fest, Ron talked about Ron Jam II constantly. You could see the excitement on his face whenever he talked about how the 2nd year of Ron Jam was going to be better. He was talking big - a food truck, more bands, bigger sound system, etc. Unfortunately Ron Jam II never happened. COVID hit, and not long after that Ron was diagnosed with cancer. This sticker (designed by Jason C.) and this bottle is our way of honoring Ron, and the music festival he created.

Nassif Family Reserve is a blend of high-aged light whiskey from MGP and a fantastic bourye (a blend of 36% rye bourbon and 95% rye distillate aged together in new oak). The blend is bottled at 107 proof. The result is a whiskey that is both approachable for a novice, great in cocktails, yet complex enough to be enjoyed neat by a whiskey enthusiast.





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