Eifel 2021 German Peated Rye


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A once in a lifetime limited release, Eifel Whisky's German Peated Rye Whisky was personally selected for the American market by Eifel Whisky's owner, Stephan Mohr, and Anthem Imports' owner, Fred Barnet. Only 2,400 bottles of this whisky were released, and when these bottles are gone, this product is gone forever.

This whisky is distilled and bottled in Germany's Eifel region,a mountainous area with numerous active volcanos. Like all Anthem Imports producers, Eifel Whisky distills great spirits from great places, and offers consumers an opportunity to taste the terroir in these unique products. Distillation was done in the German tradition: a primary distillation in a column still (including the grist), followed by a second distillation in a small copper pot still. The alcohol content was reduced to 60% before entering casks. This whisky is arguably the most unique and special whisky that Eifel has ever released.

This whisky is a blend of two extremely high-quality whiskies from Eifel's most prized stocks. One half of the whisky was aged for a minimum of 3 years in Bordeaux casks, followed by another 4+ years of aging in freshly emptied full size Laphroig 10 Year casks which themselves are ex-Maker's Mark casks. The 2nd half of the whisky spends its first 4-5 years in freshly emptied full size Laphroig 10 Year casks which themselves are ex-Maker's Mark casks, before spending its final two years in first fill red Bordeaux casks from Chateau Ausone-one of only four wines in Saint-Emilion hold the top classification of "Premier Grand Cru Classe (A)."






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