Borrowed Page - American Whiskey Vol. 2 (375ml)


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Borrowed Page Volume 2 is the second release in a limited release series. A partnership
  between American Mash & Grain and the craft whiskey distilleries we’ve featured on our site.
  Each volume will be different from the last, weaving the tale of a uniquely American
  collaboration, a blending of culture, craft, and passion that honors its makers and hopes to
  move the story of American Whiskey forward.


  Volume 2 was blended in partnership with whiskey influencer and connoisseur, Ryan Mills


  "Our goal is to challenge the idea of what American whiskey is and can be while highlighting
  some of the best craft producers around the country. We are so proud of the reception we
  received for Borrowed Page Volume 1, and are thrilled to keep pushing the boundaries with the
  release of Volume 2." – Devin Ershow, CEO American Mash & Grain


  “We are in the midst of a renaissance for American whiskey. Craft distillers from across the
  country are leading the charge in redefining what it means to be ‘American whiskey’. We are
  excited and honored to get to partner with these amazing craft whiskey producers to continue
  push the envelope for America’s native spirit with this uniquely craft and uniquely American
  blend.” – Chase Langdon, COO American Mash & Grain


  About Volume 2
  Volume 2 is a blend of American single malt, American single pot and rye whiskey. It’s 110
  proof and just over 900 bottles were produced. For the first time, Borrowed Page will now be
  available in both full format 750ml bottles, and half size 375ml bottles.




38% Virginia Distillery, Lovingston, VA (American Single Malt)
  27% Cuvee Cask Single Malt
  11% Sherry Cask Single Malt

  "As a distillery that focuses 100% on American single malt, we love projects that allow us
  to explore unique ways of showcasing the diversity and adaptability of our whisky. In
  that vein, partnering with American Mash & Grain, and other American whisky distilleries,
  on Borrowed Page #2 is a really exciting project for us. We strongly support their
  mission to advance the narrative of American Whiskey through highlighting and
  empowering independent craft producers across the country and are thrilled to be a part
  of this release."- Gareth Moore, CEO Virginia Distillery






37% Mammoth Distilling, Adrian MI (Woolly Rye)
  “Mammoth Distilling could not be more excited to be included in the latest release of
  Borrowed Page. The team at American Mash and Grain has proven to be as astute at
  whiskey blending as they are at telling the stories of the whiskies they feature. We’re big
  fans of their irreverent and collaborative approach to whiskey blending.”
  \- Ari Sussman, Head Distiller Mammoth Distilling

  25% Talnua Distillery, Arvada CO (Single Pot Still)
  “I’m really excited to have had the opportunity to be a part of this blend, especially with
  Virginia Distillery Company and Mammoth Distilling, two amazing distilleries that I really
  respect. The blending between American Mash & Grain and Ryan Mills
  (@thatoneduderyan) really showcased the strengths of each distillery’s whiskeys and
  resulted with an absolutely beautiful expression. We are so proud to be part of this
  project!” - Patrick Miller, Head Distiller Talnua Distillery
  Tasting Notes:
  Nose: Strawberry, Plums, Banana Bread, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate
  Palate: The mouthfeel is buttery and rich with a nice balance of sweetness and spice up front
  with hints of vanilla, pepper and grilled peaches. The vanilla and pepper spice grow more
  intense through the midpalate settling into a long finish with dark chocolate, malt, and oak.




About American Mash & Grain
  American Mash & Grain is an award-winning company dedicated to expanding the profile of
  American craft whiskey. We believe that whiskey is about stories. We want to tell them.




American Whiskey



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Borrowed Page Volume 2: Limited blend of American single malt, pot, and rye whiskeys. Crafted with Ryan Mills.